Wassalemma Brewery – an authentic little brewery producing handcrafted beverages. It is located in the former granary of Padise Manor. The building, dating back to the 19th century, does leave it’s trace in the making and taste of the beverages.

The brewery offers a selection of beers (bitter, seto pale ale, lager, brown ale, IPA etc), cider, mead and various non-alcoholic soft drinks. The whole selection is handcrafted.

Special brews are often made besides the usual selection and brewing on order is possible as well. If you’d like to get beer brewed in your own taste and bottled or packaged with custom designed labels, feel free to contact us.

One of the nonalcoholic beverages is „Väekas”, made from fir tree needles, raisins and spring water. After drinking it, you’ll feel the strength and power of the nature inside.

Having a good beer alone or with company, at home or in a pub, Wassalemma beer is the right choice for any occasion. As our slogan says „Beer is for enjoyment!”.


Craft Beer Shop


Friday 16:00-20:00


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